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Dancing on the Edge

by Jack Stevens

Rod Brookes makes friends and enemies alike as he dances through his life to the frenetic beat of club music - but for one of these men, love is slipping into something darker and altogether more dangerous. ...

Obsession: The Perfect Slave - Book Three

by Alcamia Payne

Three men desire one man - can true love win the ultimate battle?

Steel City Seductions: Book One in the Steel City Nights Trilogy

by Elizabeth Coldwell

The club chauffeur meets the night's star turn and is driven to desire

Steel City Secrets: Book Two in the Steel City Nights trilogy

by Elizabeth Coldwell

No one can know about this most unusual menage


by Alcamia Payne & Lucas Steele

A tender gay erotic love story of sexual awakening, bondage and sacrifice.

Summer Flowers

by Suzanne Hollo

An unexpected meeting, at a routine work presentation, sets the wheels in motion to bring together a group of women who are in different types and stages of relationships. Their diverse personalities and lifestyles...

Possession: The Perfect Slave Trilogy - Book Two

by Alcamia Payne

An erotic novel by Alcamia Payne with gay and BDSM themes.

Beast in Me: Book Two in The Divination Falls Trilogy

by Sommer Marsden

Beast in Me by Sommer Marsden - Book Two in the Divination Falls trilogy. An erotic novella with m/m, shapeshifter and mystery and suspense themes.

The Rut

by Bernard Amador

This novel set in the North Country of New York State explores gay adoption in an entertaining way for both gay and general audiences. Ean is a young gay man who works as a Forensic Case Manager at a social...

Game Ball

by Landon Dixon

A collection of five erotic gay stories with mixed themes including menage, BDSM, voyeurism, sex in public and interracial from Xcite Books winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand and Jade's Best Erotic Fiction...

Stabscotch, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 3

by Alexi Venice

Detective Tommy Vietti isn't happy about being interrupted on a Sunday morning while in bed with his new girlfriend, Sadie. He reluctantly leaves her for Muir Beach to inspect the murder scene of Jina Pak, a...

Blue Genes

by Castiel Gutierrez

Max doesn't celebrate his birthday. But, this year his sister, Tori, has thrown him a birthday party and booked a holiday by the sea for the two of them. At the party, Max meets Sam; the two hit it off, becoming...

Come As Yourself: Volume One

by Live Love Laugh Ranting

An anthology dedicated to the LGBT+ Community, while raising money for Charity. This is a compilation of Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry. Produced for you, by Live Love Laugh Ranting. [All profits to be donated...

Ember of Ashes

by Tom Watson

Ember and Brig'dha prepare for a journey to the ancient city of Yarehk (Jericho) to deliver a prized copper knife. Far to the East on the shores of the Indus River, a river priestess hides her young daughter...

Raine Mckenzie - Could the Good Doctor Be a Killer?

by Elle Anor

The sexy psychiatrist, Lorraine McKenzie, is a prime suspect in a two-year ongoing murder case. Every time when one of her patients was found strangled, she was questioned. A killer is out there, killing off...

Amanda's Dragonfly, The San Francisco Mystery Series, Book 2

by Alexi Venice

From Amazon Bestselling Author Alexi Venice

Amanda's desire overtakes her, beckoning her to explore the depths and nuances of Jen–possessing her, protecting her and risking her career for her.

Amanda Hawthorne...


by Elle Anor

Two young women from the village of Billedar, Konitah and Marilla, discover love for the first time. This love was forbidden and punishable by death. They escape death but are brutally separate from each other....


by Elle Anor

After six years of research and failed attempts, Stacey Kibbler, a Molecular Biologist, clones South Africa's first human. She tampers with the DNA structure and creates an amphibian creature. After giving him...

Service - Open In the Navy

by M. H. Sebastian

Dylan's lifestyle may be questionable to morally conservative individuals, but his family values & home life prove to be no different than his or Tanner's parents when they got married. He makes a killer living...

Four Seconds of Pure, White Light

by Jean Koning

Falling in love. Falling in love after denying yourself to be loved. Falling in love in a state of fear. This short story is, in fact, a heart breaking love letter.

Golden Kamuy | Full 30/30 VietSub Chọc Phải Điện Hạ Lạnh Lùng Accidentally In Love (2018) | Regenlaarzen dames